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PlanSponsorBestoftheBest 2006

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Glading Group named among Best of the Best retirement plan advisors.

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Inside the Mind of a Cost Cutter

401(k) Wire Brent Glading, executive vice president and founder of the Glading Group, has made a name for himself in the industry by helping plan sponsors lower fees. Glading is hardly the only one out there doing so. Many plan consultants are following his lead or emphasizing something which they, too, have offered but not highlighted. With more scrutiny on …

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401(k) Checkup

Smart Money Magazine Your biggest stock market holdings are probably in your retirement account. We'll help you choose the best funds and make sure you have the right mix of stocks and bonds. And we'll explain how a fee crusader can put money back in your pocket. Over the past two decades, 401(k) plans have become the largest engine for …

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DC Plans Trying Harder to Rein in Runaway Fees

Pensions & Investments Plan providers put under magnifying glass in effort to find, wring out unwanted excess When it switches providers in December, Playtex Inc. will save $500,000 over the course of the contract in fees that had been paid by its 401(k) participants. Julie Row, director of benefits at Westport, Conn.-based Playtex, said, "Our current vendor was making a …

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Loose Cannon or Retirement Plan Messiah?

The Japanese eclipsed the American automobile manufacturers twenty years ago with cars that were more dependable and less expensive than our native-born models. Awakened from a state of lethargy and sloth, domestic companies fought for survival until, finally, we now enjoy home-grown automobile quality that competes successfully around the globe. Today’s mutual fund industry resembles the auto industry of thirty …

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401(k)’s Are Grand, for Fund Companies Anyhow

Sunday New York Times If the sundry investigations into dubious mutual fund practices haven’t yet angered you, perhaps this will: The financial services companies overseeing some 401(k) plans are racking up annual profits that can exceed five times the plans’ costs. This disturbing revelation comes courtesy of Brent L. Glading, a 15-year veteran of the mutual fund and 401(k) industry. …

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