Fiduciary Investment Oversight

Glading Group prides itself on providing a unique and practical approach to selecting and monitoring investments for both defined contribution and defined benefit plans. As your plan’s primary investment consultant, the Glading Group will provide independent investment analysis and performance reviews on a quarterly basis. Importantly, we will act as a co-fiduciary in the selection and retention of investment funds.

Unfortunately, many investment consultants produce analyses that are simply compendiums of performance statistics. While thick reports of quantitative results may fill a file drawer, such reports by themselves do not satisfy the fiduciary responsibilities of plan sponsors. What is needed is perspective, and that is the basis of the Glading Group’s Fiduciary Investment Oversight service. Overall, our role is to bring investment expertise and knowledge of industry best practices to your committee. We not only provide proactive advice and counsel but also help educate committee members on current investment issues and their roles as fiduciaries. We strive to give our clients the necessary perspective to:

  • Define the plan’s investment objectives
  • Define the roles of those responsible for the plan’s investments
  • Establish measurement standards and monitoring procedures
  • Ensure that investment fund expenses are reasonable
  • Identify ways to address investments that fail to satisfy established objectives

We are a properly registered investment advisor with the SEC. We are not affiliated with a broker-dealer and we do not accept fees or commissions of any kind from service providers or investment managers.