Plan Service and Fee Analysis

The Glading Group is unique in that each of our principals has spent a majority of their careers working for many of today’s leading retirement plan providers. Collectively, we have spent more than 100 years in a variety of executive positions in sales, marketing, pricing, administration, investments, etc. As a result, we possess an unparalleled perspective regarding pricing structures, service models, cost basis and profitability requirements of all of the major plan providers.

During our time working for these various service providers, we realized that many plans were typically generating windfall profits for our employers, especially those who offered proprietary investment products. Not surprisingly, there was no industry oversight or resources available for plan sponsors to properly assess fees and expenses (and to a large extent, there still isn’t today, even with the new proposed regulations). Thus, the Glading Group was formed and has been recognized as the first consulting firm to assist plan sponsors in identifying and addressing the “reasonableness” of plan fees and recapturing any excess profits generated by their service provider.

Another unique differentiator between the Glading Group and other consulting firms: we do not benchmark plan fees. Frankly, we don’t believe in benchmark studies. In our view, they are merely a “top down” estimate of what everyone else is overpaying. Just because you’re paying less than the average plan doesn’t mean that your plan’s fees are reasonable. Every plan is unique and therefore the costs relating to the plan’s administration are unique.

We have developed a proprietary model, based on our years of experience and practical application that enables us to view plan costs from the “bottom up”, giving plan sponsors an accurate assessment of the true cost of their plan. Armed with this proprietary information, the Glading Group can negotiate with service providers on behalf of plan sponsors, to assist them in fulfilling their fiduciary obligations under ERISA regarding the “reasonableness” of plan fees.

We are proud to have had a significant role in bringing about a greater awareness and transparency concerning fees in the industry.