RFP/Provider Search Services

Our market due diligence and Request for Proposal process is designed to level the playing field among service providers and force the providers to focus on what YOU want to know about their capabilities. The RFP process is truly a marketing tool for service providers. However, our review process is designed to significantly reduce the opportunity for a potential provider to only emphasize their strengths while downplaying or avoiding any discussion of their weaknesses. Our RFP helps you learn what is vital to your plan objectives, not just what the provider wants to tell us.

The overall goal of the RFP process is to find the right service provider with the required capabilities to improve efficiencies in plan administration and reduce the burden on internal staff, all at a lower cost to the participants and of course, you. Consistent with your fiduciary responsibilities, our due diligence process is designed to ensure that the services and costs for your retirement plans are competitive within the current retirement services market.

Some of our services include:

  • Developing a fiduciary due diligence questionnaire or Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Analyzing and evaluating provider proposals
  • Conducting site visits of provider operational facilities
  • Negotiating final service deliverables and pricing
  • Establishing procedures on how excess revenue received from selected service provider will be utilized
  • Assisting in negotiations to finalize service agreement and contract language