Why Glading Group?

In today’s highly regulated and complex environment, plan fiduciaries are looking for comprehensive fiduciary support combined with a demonstrated track record of results. Since 2002, the Glading Group has helped plan sponsors meet their fiduciary obligation that their employee retirement plans are receiving best-in-class services and investments at a reasonable price. We are a full-service consultant that can assist you with all areas of plan management including fee analysis, service analysis, RFP due diligence, fiduciary investment oversight and plan advocacy.

As your fiduciary partner, Glading Group will apply both innovation and practicality to meet the needs of your plan. Since we are independent of any ties to fund companies or brokerage services, our advice is completely objective and transparent. You can work with Glading Group knowing that we have the best interests of the plan and its participants as the basis of all our recommendations.

  • Singular Focus – Our sole line of work is focused on ensuring our clients receive best-in-class investments and services at a reasonable price. This is what we do. We do not do anything relating to health & welfare plans, high net worth advisory services or any other work that might detract us from our singular focus.
  • Our Principals – Each of our principals has over 20 years experience working with retirement plans. We have worked for several of the leading service providers and investment houses, giving us a unique “behind the scenes perspective” on investments and the pricing realities of retirement savings plans.
  • Proprietary Model – Unique among the consultant community, we do not rely on a service provider’s disclosure information. We believe that there is still a wealth of information that is not readily available to plan sponsors or other industry consultants, information that is essential in making an informed decision when selecting investments and service providers.
  • Experience – We have extensive experience negotiating with the service provider and investment community. This ensures receiving the best possible investments and services at the best possible price.
  • No Conflicts of Interest – We do not accept any fees, commissions or third party payments from service providers or investment managers.